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MIDI format : the DNA of music

A super music file, Multi-instrumental, Multi-track

Whatever your level, your style of music, your instrument (piano, guitar, drums, vocals, string instruments, wind instruments), your solo project, duo, trio in group, in formation, whether amateur or professional, a MIDI sequence is the ideal format because it already contains all the information necessary to practice music: notes, instruments, sounds, lyrics, tempo, mixing, effects, modulation, chords, synchronization, time etc...Everything is infinitely editable and can be exported in the most common musical formats, depending on the software used: WAV, AIFF, XML, MP3, PDF, MP4-AVI, MOV (Karaoke video).

100% compatible 

Our SMF are GENERAL MIDI and compatible with 100% of DAW and MIDI music software (whatever their version and platform).

They are compatible too with 100% of MIDI keyboards - MIDI arrangers and any device accepting the MIDI standard (GM, XG, GS, GM2 Pa series).

Total control over each instrument

The playing of each instrument is precisely transcribed on an individual and independent track.

You can re-orchestrate everything to the exact note, with the sound of your choice if the one initially set up does not suit you, with your own sounds from VST, AAX, Audio Unit plugins and banks from any sample bank of your keyboard, arranger or software.

Total control over each note & lyrics

Each note and chord is accessible so you can read, transpose, delete, print, replace, add, etc. All this in an unlimited way.

The lyrics are synchronized to the music, to be displayed on a screen or a score.

The name of the chords can be added too.

Total control over the mix

A MIDI file can ontain volumes, panning, modulation and even effect settings. Again, you have control over all these settings with unilmited edition.

Total control over time

Essential time, tempo and signature information, whether fixed or variable, is permanently integrated into all MIDI sequences, regardless of the position of the song.

This makes it ideal for printing out a score for each instrument or synchronizing your MIDI file with external elements and other software, in a resolution of up to 960 tpq (tick per quarter note): lights, lasers, smoke, fireworks, video, playback / recording, triggers etc.

60,000 titles MIDI catalog

The search field allows you to consult our constantly renewed catalog of more than 60,000 MIDI and MIDI Karaoke titles and more than 40,000 MP3 versions of instruments:

As far as possible, the sheet specifies the content of the proposed MIDI file: tempo, duration, instruments, lyrics.

Packs from 5 to 100 tracks are also available! Make a search by typing "pack".

If you don't want to edit and convert your MIDI music, we also offer instrumental MP3 audio versions without voices or choirs, produced from our MIDI.